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Moslems around the world are definitely in a festive mood now.. 'Tis the month to be holy, jolly, and good.. People who are moslems shall undergo the ritual of fasting during daylight, in which they have to also control their emotion and behaviour..

If you live in countries where Islam is an influencing accent of social construction the I'd guess you would notice that by Ramadhan, practically the whole country goes into slow mode, since people are taking things a little easier to cope with the fasting they go thru..

Anyhoo, my photography will go on even during Ramadhan, no reason not to.. To save time and bandwidth on the blog you can see my albums online in facebook, flickr, and fotografer.net

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I hope i'll be able to write articles related to the theme of Ramadhan..

Have a festive and blessful month!

Happy reading, everyone! :)

22 August 2009

Friday, 5 June 2009

lax = relax? hell no..

I've got this friend who goes to dentistry school, he goes by a funny name; Wokas.. A few weeks ago he told me that there's this tea that can help break down fat in your body.. As i'm in the process of detoxifying myself by loosing some weight, it interests me quite.. I told him to bring it in to me..

Took him a few weeks, but a couple of days ago i finally got hold of a sack of samples of this tea. The instruction says you have to make it with hot water then drink it without adding anything else.. I'm not a superstitious guy, and i believe the only sure way to loose fat is to do tangible things, not drink whatever powdered things they sell to consumers these days, but you know; reduce your meals, do sports, the lot laah..

So i started drinking this tea just for the sake of empirically proving the virtue of what Wokas says about this tea. First attemp i managed to foolishly spill hot water on my hands, hot! T.T but i drank the thing anyway.. On the first day i was still smiling with glee as it seems like it has no effect on me, but lo! The second day, I started noticing a change in my bathroom rituals, and as of last night, the whole day yesterday i had to go to the dunny for like 6 times!! :)) hahahaha.. Waken up this morning at 4.30 by my loved one, to prepare for the Private Law exam i had this morning, already i was doing 2 rounds!! Great mother of earth, i said, this is truly comical..

Now i find from time to time my stomach lights up like a bioautomated blender and starts growling (ogrok.. ogrok.. ogrok hahahahaha).. I can tell you one thing, having a grouchy stomach and have to resist from going to the bladder in an exam is nothing short of HELL!! hahahaa seriously >,<

Wokas tells me to check on my weight every now and then (2 days), and track how much KGs i'm loosing, as this tea can apprently be dangerous, so you gotta see if you're loosing 3-4 kgs in a week you'll be fine but if you're doing 7 kgs per week you gotta stop things for a moment, if not it can be problematic.. I mean, i can't say in terms of medical terminology, and i don't know about you but i'm not ecstatic at the idea of going to the hospital and say; "excuse me i need to urgently see a doctor because i poo continuosly and controllably!!" -> even if the hospital admits you, they'd treat you while putting pegs up your nose, and then you'd have to pray that there's no exception in your asssurance that says it doesnt cover humilliating illness as part of their coverage hahahahahaha..

But really, if you do take teas like this, or even laxatives to cure constipation, don't over do it.. It can be dangerous (which i dont really know what bad things can happen but sometimes i'd imagine if you've poo-ed your bowels out its insides, you'll start poo-ing organs and brains and stuff hahahahaha don't take this seriously^^) So make sure you read the instructions carefully, and obey it, instructions are sticked to the bottle of the medicine not for the esthetics, but to serve a purpose..

I wonder how much of you readers out there that has ever taken this kind of medicine? Any bad experiences? Hope not :)

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  1. I never took any medicine to cure constipation or to lose weight, cos even without I poo number 3 sometimes (if you know what I mean ;)).
    Good thing I read this, won't even think about trying it. :P