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22 August 2009

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

decadence in gaming..

i havent been writing for my HD World chapter, so today i'll be writing about Alienware, a company in high-performance gaming that's in my one-day-i'll-get-it-if-i'm-wealthy list (which is a tremendous list given my small hedonistic perk hahaha)

Okay, so most of you had probably crossed in your lifetimes, one way or another, the idea of video gaming. For some people it's the thrill, for some people it's the storyline. For me its mostly about sheer technological appreciation these days. I've been a gamer all my life, and when i say this i do not in any way impart that i'm very good at it, but i see gaming as a way to channel your stress. Eversince i was in early childhood my parents introduced me to video games, starting with the classic Nintendo (NES --Nintendo Entertainment System). Okay so i wasn't born in the day Atari was still a trend, but nevertheless if i remember Mario Bros, or that Duck Hunting game, i always cherish the moments.

Some of you may have grown out of it. I haven't. I think that's whats compelling about video gaming nowadays, it appeals in categories that spans pretty much all ages. Heck, even my dad still enjoys playing Sim City (from the first version, 2000, 3000, until the recent SimCity 4). And that's not wrong, games are now available that contain the bulk only adults can bear. So in my defense, it's not childish :D

For me now, it's all about the technology. I am always amazed at what mankind can now create. If we remember those games like Mario, or Contra, where you see the guy from the side, then you have a look at the graphical power games like Crysis of Far Cry 2 has, with all its interactive environment. Madness.

A company that i've been eyeing for a while is Alienware. As other hobbies, it takes a serious kind of gamer to appreciate the raw gaming power that Alienware can unleash. And it takes another level of gamer to understand why some would churn out USD 5,000 for a single gaming CPU. But as with other hobbies; it's not fair to be measured by money. Cheap is absolute, but expensive is relative.

"5 grand? On a CPU? Did i hear right?" i hear you say. And no i didnt pull a typo. A service Alienware dishes out is that we can order our CPU online as if it's some ebay stuff. Buying gaming rigs is now like going to the tailor; what processor, intel extreme or AMD Phenom? How many RAMs? Good VGA, how bout crossfire 2 powerful VGAs? Blu-Ray or just DVD burner? The sky's the limit..

Ordering a gaming CPU is like a game itself in Alienware. The fun starts from even before your CPU is delivered to your door. After picking your unique specs, the team at Alienware will assemble, and test-run your CPU to make sure that when you're in the middle of that last chapter level going against the WarShip in Crysis, your CPU doesnt do a David Seaman in 2002 World Cup and flop..

They also have gaming laptops pre-built to suit your needs. But usually one would prefer a PC to use for gaming. More stable is what they say. I've no idea really.

The point of the matter is, if you do have the resources, and you are someone who understands what it means to sink in your thousands into "just" a gaming device, i'd say Alienware should come up in your list of potentials. This is a company who grosses out USD 170.000.000 in revenues annually, that's how trustworthy their market are to them.

If you wanna know more on the company profile, take an easy reading here but if you want to dive directly to seeing the major gaming products in Alienware's lineups, then do click here. 

So who wants one high-performance ultra reliable and fashionably cool CPU to go, eh? I do. :)

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