Dreamer's Editorial..

Moslems around the world are definitely in a festive mood now.. 'Tis the month to be holy, jolly, and good.. People who are moslems shall undergo the ritual of fasting during daylight, in which they have to also control their emotion and behaviour..

If you live in countries where Islam is an influencing accent of social construction the I'd guess you would notice that by Ramadhan, practically the whole country goes into slow mode, since people are taking things a little easier to cope with the fasting they go thru..

Anyhoo, my photography will go on even during Ramadhan, no reason not to.. To save time and bandwidth on the blog you can see my albums online in facebook, flickr, and fotografer.net

Make sure you check them out!

I hope i'll be able to write articles related to the theme of Ramadhan..

Have a festive and blessful month!

Happy reading, everyone! :)

22 August 2009

Sunday, 19 April 2009

German Pz.Kpfw IV Ausf.F Fahrgestell

German mortars i love, and i love the fact that the Germans had to go a long way to operate their giants..

Just a short article before i sleep, this is my next kit that i wish to acquire (hopefully they still have it in PnPs Jakarta..)  in the pic you can see the actual Morser Karl Gerat 040/041 lined up in action to blast through the fortification of the Maginot line around 1941-1944 (Part of Operation Barbarossa i think)..

I already have the main kit of the massive mortar gun, all i need is some crew men, but most importantly to add coolness to the base later on if i have the loader too, the Munitionstrager. Here's some more pics of the kit, this lovely 1:35 kit is manufactured by Trumpeter, so this will also be my first Trumpeter (previously i have the Tamiya and DML manufactured kits)

So excited to see whether i can manage to have this one by Tuesday or not ^^v wish me luck!


  1. So sad to know that your mission to acquire one of this munitionstrager ends up in failure...better luck next time comrades!

  2. Just started this kit myself....your pics will help me alot.....Maginot Line lies between Germany and France.....Operation Barbarossa was the operation name for the invasion of Russia...