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Moslems around the world are definitely in a festive mood now.. 'Tis the month to be holy, jolly, and good.. People who are moslems shall undergo the ritual of fasting during daylight, in which they have to also control their emotion and behaviour..

If you live in countries where Islam is an influencing accent of social construction the I'd guess you would notice that by Ramadhan, practically the whole country goes into slow mode, since people are taking things a little easier to cope with the fasting they go thru..

Anyhoo, my photography will go on even during Ramadhan, no reason not to.. To save time and bandwidth on the blog you can see my albums online in facebook, flickr, and fotografer.net

Make sure you check them out!

I hope i'll be able to write articles related to the theme of Ramadhan..

Have a festive and blessful month!

Happy reading, everyone! :)

22 August 2009

Monday, 13 April 2009

Santorini Island

Maybe it'd be a good addition to write about my header's picture..

That, my friends, is a picture taken at night time of a place, a wonderful place called Santorini. It's an island in Greece, and it's beautiful as beautiful can be..

This island have been featured in some of the movies that i like, actually; Sisterhood of Travelling Pants 1 & 2, and Mamma Mia! (i'm pretty sure its Santorini, it has similar landscape). This mediterrainian beauty lies in the southern coasts of Greece, and is located in the amazing Aegean Sea.

Not only is Santorini a feast for the eyes, it also is a treasure vault rich in history and myth. It is said that the Islands surrounding the area was where Troy once existed, a kingdom popular in modern culture especially movies for the Trojan Horse, which happened in the 10-year Trojan War, which involved tens of thousands of men, battling a fleet of 25000 armada cruises. People also said that
 comparing with Plato's description, it is possible that Santorini and its surrounding was once where Atlanta lies, the legendary island of
 wisdomous and an ideal society.

This Island to me is very special. I love the views, i love the secret
s it posses. It has become the dream of this dreamer to one day have a holiday (or honeymoon ^^) in this island. My life wouldn't be complete if this lifetime i don't get to see Santorini directly.
 This place happens to be a dream for one other too, one that perhaps i'd like for that one to come along with me, shall the time come, someday, in the future. I don't need to mention names, you know who you are.. :)

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